Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility by BEST

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by BEST is based on company’s values, including financial, environmental and ethical rules of social life. All our activities are in line with ethical rules, having a key role in our everyday work. When entering into partnership with our customers, employees, and local communities, we put emphasis on transparency and honesty. We have been operating for 30 years. We are an innovative, responsible, and reliable company.
We care for the environment through:
  • taking action to reduce emissions
  • planting trees
  • cutting down energy and materials consumption by means of advanced technologies, slowing down the climate change,
  • using renewable sources of energy (heat pumps, photovoltaics),
  • promoting eco-friendly attitude,
  • creating, stimulating, and promoting eco-friendly activities on everyday basis: low-stack emissions reduction, sorting out rubbish, effective use of electricity, heat, and water,
  • implementing circular economy, according to the Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in European Union.


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